Ablaut paper

"Alfred W. Tüting" ti at fa-kuan.muc.de
Sat Nov 20 10:52:57 UTC 2004

again thanks a lot for the ablaut.pdf

>Dear Colleagues,

I hope this Adobe .PDF file works out.  I tried it out on my wife's machine,
which doesn't have the Siouan fonts installed and it looked OK.  You
will need
Courier (New).  It comes with all XP machines and most older ones also.
  I can't
guarantee anything with Macs, but if you have a Mac and the Siouan forms
in the
paper look like gibberish, let me know.

Enjoy.  Comments welcome.

Bob  <<

In total, I now seem to have three versions: the last one (of Nov. 20)
looks pretty good on my Macintosh (as far I can judge Chiwere: "-ne/-na,
an element indicating definite plural" - Is the n-tilde in '-ne' okay??
This is the only character I'm hesitant about.)
Thanks again, I'll reread the paper now.


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