Biloxi, Ofo, Tutelo-Saponi, Monyton, etc.

R. Rankin rankin at
Tue Nov 30 22:25:24 UTC 2004

I just yesterday received a copy of the brand new Southeast volume on the
Handbook of North American Indians from the Smithsonian.  It has interesting
articles on Ohio Valley Siouan including culture, archaeology, linguistics,
locations, etc.  Catawban is, of course, also covered, thanks to Blair.  I think
this may be the thickest single volume yet published in the series (although the
broke the Plains and SW into 2 vols. each).

There's also a previously unpublished photo of Rosa Pierrite (which they are now
spelling to match the Cajun pronunciation), the last known speaker of Ofo, which
was nice to see.  (The photo of her in the old Swanton survey made her look like
Aunt Jemimah (spelling?) about to whup up a mess o' pancakes).  This one is much
clearer and less stereotyped.


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