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That one made it into Algonquian, too; note Miami iihpaawala~iihpaayoolwa
'Mexican, Spaniard', Ottawa eshpayoo 'Spaniard', Menominee E:spayo:w
'Spaniard', Unami spánayu 'Mexican, Spaniard', Shawnee spaani 'Mexican' and
Gros Ventre ?isibéyoouh 'Mexican'.


> ís^padhoN  ADJ N var. ís^padho,  íNs^padhoN  adj  'Spanish; Mexican; French'
> As a noun: 'Spaniard, a Spanish person; any native Spanish-speaking person,
> especially a Mexican; a French person'  Also as a noun:  'Spanish language,
> the - ; the French language'  [Spanish 'español' - ]
> Carolyn Quintero

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