Osage 'eight'

Rory M Larson rlarson at unlnotes.unl.edu
Tue Aug 22 21:21:41 UTC 2006

Bob wrote:
> For OS 'eight' I recorded /kkidha-/ as the first part in about 1980.
Also Laflesche has "kitha" (with K-dot) from the turn of the century, and
it can't be one of his "Poncaisms" because the word doesn't occur in OM or
PO.  I suspect the forms in /e/ are recent, although anything is possible.
In that vein, there is a Kaw variant given to me by Walter Kekahbah,
/kkialoba/, with a mysterious /l/.  Go figure.

Does Kaw reduce what in OP is gdh- to l-, as I believe happens with Osage?
Could that -loba be equated to OP gdhu'ba, 'all', 'the whole thing'?

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