Osage 'eight'

Anthony Grant Granta at edgehill.ac.uk
Thu Aug 24 09:42:31 UTC 2006


For what it's worth, the only Osage form for 'book' that I've seen
reconstructs as something like /wagrese/ or /wagresa/, with the
labial-vocalic CV completely missing.  I don't know if it's relevant but
as very earlky Osage publication spells 'book' in a Roman-based
orthography as <wagrysy> and I think Montgomery and Requa c. 1834 uses


>>> Rory M Larson <rlarson at unlnotes.unl.edu> 08/23/06 8:18 pm >>>

>> In Omaha, this and I believe a few other words seem to do some
symbolic alternations between bdhVgV and gdhVbV.  So we have bdhu'ga
for 'all', as well as gdhu'ba.  I don't think we've figured out for
quite what the difference is.  I guess the question would depend on how
back in the Omaha/Dhegihan language lineage a *bro'ka/*gro'pa

> I had never heard of /gruba/, but I'll check Quapaw when I get home. 
doesn't have *loba 'all' unless in that '8' term, and I don't recall
seeing it in OS, although Carolyn is the one who would know.

Hmm.  Well, maybe it's a peculiarity of (modern?) Omaha.  I thought of
another word that does this too, after sending off the last note.  The
for 'paper'/'book' alternates between wabdha'gase and wagdha'base. 
much hope of that one being very old, I suppose.  Come to think of it,
don't recall the gdhVbV forms existing even in Dorsey.

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