Noun Stem Tangent (RE: 'snake' and 'god' terms.)

Koontz John E John.Koontz at
Sun Aug 27 02:04:43 UTC 2006

On Thu, 24 Aug 2006, Rankin, Robert L wrote:

> Udi is the normal BI reflex of common Siouan *hute' 'base, stump, etc.'
> I don't know where the t- is coming from in the alternate form.  Haas
> (1968) as well as Dorsey had sporadic voicing of intervocalic stops in
> Biloxi.  [b, d, g] are therefore often variants of /p, t, k/, but [d] is
> ALSO the regular outcome of proto-Siouan *r in Biloxi, which accounts
> for why there are so many d's but so few b's and g's.

I really should read ahead more.

This works, but it does require one to fiddle the expected *uti.  If it is
*hute, then the stem (I would argue) is *hut-e.  No epehtnetic *r needed
after a consonant.

Anyway, I do suspect that *hut-e appears in tudi 'base', since 'base,
bottom, stump' is the expected gloss for *hut-e.  But why t?  Maybe
from *hta-hute 'it's base'?

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