'All' and C + dh Clusters (RE: Osage 'eight')

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I looked in Dorsey's texts, and gdhu'ba appears 90:197.19, 648.4, 648.5.
These examples are attributed to S^aN'geska 'White Horse', a member of the
Omaha Wolf Clan - I'm not sure which one this is! - who is described as
understanding Kaw as well as Omaha.  He is noted as a member of the
chief's party, or a conservative.  In 199.4, 199.18 the same man produces

ZhiNtheho John,
ShoNgeska is identified as Ellis Blackbird, age 50 years, with wife #1 
PoNcasoN and wife #2 NoNzeiNze in Alice Fletcher's 1882 Land Allotment 
Register, p. 14.

He is pictured in F&LaF The Omaha Tribe pp. 171-175. They report that the 
MoNthiNkagaxe (Earth Makers) did not have subclans, but had "groups" 
associated with certain rites. One was the "wolf" or mikasi group.


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