PMV *(wa)the 'skirt'

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Sun Aug 27 17:51:43 UTC 2006

To which add: 

Lakota: nité-hepi 'woman's skirt; the kind that stands out from the hip (|nité|)' (from Eli James)

Dakota:  heyake 'dress' Willamson-54a

Yankton:   hayake 'dress' Wm-54a

> OP has wathe' 'dress' < *wathe, which has good cognates elsewhere in
Siouan, but not in Dakotan.  This was also one of the first words in which
th was noticed to contrast with tt, as it was obvious different from
Watte' 'the Elkhorn River'.

A few possible matches in Dakotan:

hepi'ya 'the side or flank of a hill'
hepi'yela 'on the grade of a hill'

Here I assume he < *the, + =pi PLURAL/NOMINALIZER + -A THEME-VOWEL.  The y
between pi and A is epenthetic.  The -(y)A ablauts as in s^ahiya ~
s^ahiye=la, etc.  I assume the figure involved is 'the skirt(s) or
skirting' of the hill = 'the slope or grade', cf. also English

wahe'=c^e=tu 'about ~ wahe'=c^e=l 'about that time'
wahe'=haN 'betimes, in good time'
wahe'=haN=l 'about at that time'

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