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Could Lakota wagmu 'squash' be related to the stem gmu 'twisted' ? It occurs
with instrumentals pa-, na-, yu- :
pagmu - to twist smth by pushing with the hand
nagmu - to twist of its own accord
yugmu - to twist smth in the hand
wa-gmu would then be 'something-twisted' .

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> BTW, Bob, what is the geographic distribution of this word in Siouan? All 
over, or only in the Mississippi Valley languages, or what?
Northern part of Mississippi Valley only:  Dakotan (wagmu, wamna,
dialectally) and Chiwere-Winnebago only.  Dhegiha is different.  Note that,
even within Dakotan, the vowels don't match.

> (Far as I know, the word doesn't reconstruct in Muskogean, either. The
obviously has a special status in Algonquian.)
Depends on what word we're talking about.  There's a 'squash' reconstruction
in Muskogean, but it's not like the Siouan or Algonquian terms under

(I'll be in Oklahoma the next few days and may or may not have access to

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