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Tue Aug 29 03:50:26 UTC 2006

> I think we want to be a little careful about reconstructing semantics
from silverware.  (a) the older meaning is 'gourd' -- squashes come later
in the archaeological record.  Gourds are used for dippers virtually
everywhere.  Proto-Siouan has a reconstructible term for 'gourd', namely
*ko:re, but not 'squash'.  (b) I think that most linguists would agree that
the incorporated meanings, in Algonquian and elsewhere, tend to maintain
the conservative semantics even better than the independent nouns and

> Other "spoon" terms are typically reconstructible as 'shell' or 'horn'.

Thanks, Bob!  Are gourds actually grown/used even by people in the
sub-arctic?  And do we have any handle on how far back in time would they
have been used?

Is there any reflex of *ko:re in Dhegihan?  That ought to come out as
*gu:dhe in Omaha, right?

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