A.W. Tüting ti at fa-kuan.muc.de
Tue Aug 29 08:09:47 UTC 2006

Shouldn't these - different from wagmu - be nasalized in Lakota:

pagmuN -> pagmuNpi (skein of yarn; anything twisted/rolled up by 
pressure, e.g. with the hand
nagmuN - to twist itself (i.e. by inner force) as crisp/curled 
bark/leather etc.
yugmuN - to twist with the hand, e.g. a string, tobacco (to roll a 

I think that nasalization in Lakota is not so stable, isn't it?


Am 28.08.2006 um 22:13 schrieb Jan F. Ullrich:

> Could Lakota wagmu 'squash' be related to the stem gmu 'twisted' ? It 
> occurs
> with instrumentals pa-, na-, yu- :
> pagmu - to twist smth by pushing with the hand
> nagmu - to twist of its own accord
> yugmu - to twist smth in the hand
> wa-gmu would then be 'something-twisted' .
> Jan

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