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Jill Greer Greer-J at MSSU.EDU
Mon Apr 7 21:47:25 UTC 2008

Thanks, John, for the update.  I was fearful that perhaps no one was planning to attend the Siouan Conference this summer at my institution because no one has submitted any papers yet!  I do have addresses for those who responded to my original request for dates, but I hate to leave anyone else out.  Any suggestions?  

Jill Greer

>>> Koontz John E <John.Koontz at> 4/7/2008 3:57 PM >>>
Apart from any neglect on my part, I regret to report that the Siouan List 
is experiencing difficulties due to problems with the home site's list 
processor.  I am informed that a solution is impending.  You may or may 
not see this message before a full solution is in effect.  I deeply regret 
the inconvenience of the list being offline and largely unattended anyway 
over the past year.

John E. Koontz

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