Siouan List

Koontz John E John.Koontz at Colorado.EDU
Tue Apr 8 21:45:08 UTC 2008

The list was offline, it seems, from c. February 15, 2008 until yesterday.

Bob Rankin finally realized what was happening, and contacted me at work 
to point it out.

It appears that the problem with the list (and all lists supported by the 
U of Colorado List Processor) was that lists with subscribers from the 
domain were not being distributed.  I don't know the details, 
but hypothetically that domain is being banned by someone for some reason 
somewhere, causing mail with an address with that domain somewhere in its 
headers to be deleted somewhere in transit.

I am told that the problem is being fixed, but I don't know the schedule 
for the fix.  It turns out that we have one subscriber from that domain: 
Bruce Ingham.  Once I extracted a description of the problem from the list 
service folks, and realized that we had only one subscriber with a problem 
address, I fixed our list by deleting Bruce.  This is a temporary 
situation.  I will add him back as soon as the problem is fixed.  If you 
have any information on the problem, please feel free to contact me 
directly off list.

I have explained to Bruce that he can read the list at

so it is not necessary to send anything to him unless he should ask you to 
do so himself.  For the moment, however, Bruce cannot write to the list 
without one of us posting for him.  If you do this, please make sure that 
his address is not included in the mail (general email security 
considerations) or especially in the headers (in view of the current 

In general, if you cross post something or send something to an address 
other than the List it's probably a good idea to do that in a separate 
mailing.  That is, don't include addresses for several Lists in a single 
mailing.  Than can easily get hairy if people are inattentive in replying. 
It's also not necessary to cc things to people who are on the list as you 
post to the list.  I've occasionally seen that in the past.  It just means 
that the person in question gets two copies of the item.

I regret to report that it looks like anything sent to the list since 
February 15th (an exchange between Jimm Good Tracks and Louanna Furbee on 
Winnebago) has been lost.

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