Call for Participation: Siouan Dictionaries Roundtable

Catherine Rudin carudin1 at
Thu Apr 24 14:33:39 UTC 2008

Willem - Great idea.  I'll try to make sure we at least get good notes
on the session and post a summary of some sort.  (Anyone want to
volunteer as recording secretary??)

Sorry you won't be there!

>>> <rwd0002 at> 04/24/08 8:50 AM >>>
Hi Catherine and Siouanists:

Would love to come, but my wife and I have already other trips planned 
this summer, so I am not gonna make it.  I hope someone does publish a 
summary of the results of this roundtable.

All the best,


Quoting Catherine Rudin <carudin1 at>:

> Call for Participation:  Siouan Dictionaries Roundtable
> Siouan and Caddoan Conference
> Joplin, MO, June 20-21 2008
> This year's Siouan and Caddoan Conference will include a roundtable
> session on making dictionaries of Siouan languages:  pitfalls,
> successful practices, projects in progress, helpful hints, deeper
> of purpose and philosophy.
> Your participation in this session is invited on two levels:

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