travel to conference

Catherine Rudin carudin1 at
Sun Apr 27 17:05:28 UTC 2008

Hi, all.
I'm just looking at flights to the Joplin area, and wondering whether it makes sense to
fly into Tulsa.  It's almost $200 less than either Fayetteville or Springfield (though
still not cheap - airline prices are amazing these days).  What transportation is there
from Tulsa to Joplin?  I'm guessing it would mean renting a car, which would be ok but
might boost the price back up to Fayetteville levels.  If anyone else is coming in that
way, maybe we could share?   Are there busses or shuttles from any of the area airports?

Just kind of thinking out loud here and wondering what others are planning, since I'm
not familiar wth the area at all.  May yet end up just driving from Wisconsin, but it's
a pretty long haul.


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