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Tue Apr 29 14:47:32 UTC 2008

Quoting Rory M Larson <rlarson at>:

> I'm confused.  What "holocaust" are we talking about here?  Were the Hahns
> Jewish or non-Jewish Germans?  If they were Germans from Russia who had
> come to America before Frida was even born, what authority would Third
> Reich Germany have had to call Frida "back" to Germany?  Why only her, and
> not the rest of her family?  If she was Jewish, why would they want to at
> a time they were trying to expel the Jews?  If she was non-Jewish, she
> might have moved there voluntarily, and perhaps died there in the
> following decade.  There were probably about three million or so German
> civilians that died during or after the war from Allied bombing or in the
> massive population expulsion of Germans from the eastern parts of their
> country by the Russians, Poles and Czechs.  Would on-line "holocaust"
> lists include these people?
> Rory

Well, clearly, Bob's assumption is that Frida Hahn was Jewish. Or am I 
wrong?  If she is, why she would go to Germany in the late 1930ties is 
inconceivable to us with the hindsight of history, but there were many 
Jews in Germany in those times who could not imagine persecution was 
going to be as bad as it became, and did not consider leaving Germany.


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