Questions on Facebook.

Tanya Harrison harristb at EOU.EDU
Thu Jul 11 00:45:41 UTC 2013

I study Tutelo and don't do facebook, so would be good to post Tutelo stuff
from that here.


On Wed, Jul 10, 2013 at 4:46 PM, Rankin, Robert L. <rankin at> wrote:

>  Don't sweat the small stuff.  I'm just eager to make sure we don't
> spread ourselves out over more than one forum.  My linguistics is already
> splattered out over too many web sites, listserves, etc., etc.  I've
> avoided joining Facebook, Myspace, Linkedin, Researchgate and all the
> rest.  They ask for personal information that I've been reluctant to get
> into.  I don't suppose I have any business complaining, since I'm probably
> the only Siouanist other than Catherine with files in Moscow, Washington,
> Bucharest, Budapest, Belgrade and probably others dating from my work back
> in the '60s.  I just can't keep track of as much as I used to be able to;
> 16 Siouan languages is a gracious plenty, thank you very much.
> Bob
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>  Bob,
> I'm not sure what Q & A you're talking about, but I have been
> corresponding a bit with members of the Tutelo-Saponi group who have a page
> on Facebook and are not on the Siouan List (and most of them probably would
> not feel comfortable being part of an academic list).  I have been
> responding to their questions about the Tutelo language (which is similar
> to Biloxi).  Other than this, I may have mentioned a few things regarding
> Kaw to Justin, whom I'm friends with on Facebook.  I have not been
> intentionally doing Q & A off the list in order not to involve other
> Siouanists - Facebook is a tool for communication and "friends" do tend to
> communicate back and forth on different topics, much of it not really
> appropriate for an academic list.
> Dave
> On Tue, Jul 9, 2013 at 5:35 PM, Rankin, Robert L. <rankin at> wrote:
>>  I understand that some of you guys are conducting Q & A about Kaw
>> and/or other Siouan languages on Facebook.  Some of us are not on Facebook
>> and therefore cannot access other peoples' Facebook pages.  Therefore I
>> would greatly appreciate it if you could post your questions and comments
>> on this list so we can all join in.  That is, after all, what it is for.
>> Thanks,
>> Bob
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