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Mark Awakuni-Swetland mawakuni-swetland2 at UNL.EDU
Sun Nov 10 16:36:18 UTC 2013

Aloha all,

Sitting in the OPDD project office with Catherine Rudin.

We are brainstorming the next steps in the future of the Omaha and Ponca Digital Dictionary project.

We are contemplating applying for one or more smaller grants targeting work on 1) field work/field checking the ~15k lexemes in JOD's slip file, and 2) performing morphological analysis on the entries.

This is a preliminary call for participants in this work.

We are looking for some help especially on Goal #2.

Does anyone on the list know of a graduate student in linguistics looking for a fantastic dissertation opportunity? Knowledge of Siouan languages would be a plus.

We would want to connect with interested candidates and have the ability to write him/her into the grant application.

Please circulate this inquiry to your students and encourage them to contact me and Co-PI Catherine.


Mark Awakuni-Swetland

mawakuni-swetland2 at

Catherin Rudin

CaRudin1 at

Mark Awakuni-Swetland, Ph.D.
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Anthropology/Ethnic Studies
Native American Studies Program Liaison
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"TTenixa uqpathe egoN" a winisi akHa.

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