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SignWriting List
April 23, 2002

Dear SignWriting List, and Mark Penner and Hagiwara Tomomi in Japan:

I am writing this message to explain an important detail that
everyone should know. Recently Mark was discussing the Lessons in
SignWriting Textbook with me. Mark mentioned that he liked Chapter
14, which has the Sign-Symbol-Sequence...

But, sadly, Mark, that is not true any longer. I believe you
purchased the Lessons In SignWriting textbook in 1997? At that time,
Chapter 14 was the SSS. But the SSS changed around 1999, so I took
that out of the textbook and Chapter 14 became a chapter on ASL

The Sign-Symbol-Sequence is now listed partially on the web:


The entire SSS will be a part of SignBank 2002, released in
September, 2002, and I hope to print a book entitled: "Sutton's
Sign-Symbol-Sequence" that will accompany SignBank 2002 as

Soooo... I am ready to ship our "Lessons In SignWriting Textbook" to
Japan. Mark and Hagiwara ordered the book on March 25th, and I have
just now finished printing a copy for them.

But do you still want the Lessons in SignWriting textbook? Since
Chapter 14 is not what you expected, I understand completely if you
do not want the book now...I will wait to hear from you - but do not
feel obligated in anyway - I am happy no matter what! I hope you will
visit the SSS on the web...

As you all can see, SignWriting is a very complex and ever expanding
writing system. There are so many thousands of users now, and so many
improvements, that we can only be grateful that by using the system,
it has expanded for the better - and the SSS is a classic example of
how usage helped the system improve -

All I can do is chase after it, and hope I can catch up - ha!

Val ;-)


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