How do we change our country on the SW List?

Flavio Medina flaviomedina at YAHOO.COM
Wed Apr 24 05:43:32 UTC 2002

> > But I tried it today. As far as I can see, a good
> number under the USA
> > are incorrect. Under the USA it has people from
> Egypt, Colombia, Germany
> > and lots of people from Japan, all under the
> USA....and several other
> > countries too - so you are not alone, Flavio!

Hello list.

At least to me, it doesn't matter too much. Of course
it would be interesting to see a full list of the
members ordered by country. But as most people didn't
even knew about that command... never mind.

About how I found the command, well, I made a typing
mistake when trying the command for the first time,
and as a response, the system gave me a "help email",
with a list of possible commands - sorting by names,
countries, etc. That's how I found it, Val. ;-)

I just wanted to check if there was some "personal
information" homepage or something to change my info -
I didn't expect all this discussion to come.... Sorry.
Anyway, this is a discussion list after all... ;-)

OK, cheers everyone.

Flavio Rikki

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