Children to children -letters?

Maria Azzopardi maria.azzopardi at UM.EDU.MT
Thu Jul 3 09:59:52 UTC 2003

Dear Jerry and Tini,

Well done with the site on Children to Children. I enjoyed reading
through the children's writing even though I couldn't understand
everything, because of course it's not Maltese Sign Language.

Last summer in Malta we had a workshop on signwriting and a small group
of Deaf children picked up the writing system amazingly fast. Some time
ago they even started to write letters to each other.

This is just an idea ok, because I understand that the sign languages
are different so it might not work. However what if we ask the children
to write letters to each other? You know, like penpals from abroad? I
know of a couple who might be interested.


Tini Pel wrote:

> To Valerie, ms Allen'schidren, Jerry and list, Thank you Valerie for
> your nice comments. Yes it would be wonderful if, as Jerry suggested ,
> that the "Ch. to Ch." could become world wide.It is so nice to see
> children's work in print.Wow Jerry do I see this right, did you place
> every sign separately. It made it really clear to read. A big
> job!!!!!!Sorry I could not make out the name of the child but he or
> she was hungry for a hot dog or hamburger at Mc. Donald. The drawing
> showed a big city with the big Mc. Donald sign. I might be way
> off!!!!You know what, it would be very handy if there is a translation
> or glosses with the Sign Writing. No matter what language,Thank you so
> much for this opportunity to read children's works, jus
> great!!!!L.I.F.E.Tini.
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