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Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Thu Jul 3 22:24:34 UTC 2003

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July 3, 2003

Dear SW List Members!
This week has been very inspiring for me. Dr. Antonio Carlos da Rocha 
Costa, from Pelotas, Brazil, arrived with his wife Gra├žaliz, on 
Monday...On Tuesday we had an important meeting with three programmers. 
Some pivotal decisions and developments were shared and planned, and I 
plan to share every detail with all of you. I will take it slowly 
however, since there is so much to think through and it has to be 
explained properly...Thank you, Antonio Carlos, for taking the long 
trip to meet with us...and for your remarkable is soo 
important to SignWriting's future...

So while I am writing the report, I am also starting several web 
postings. I am glad to see Maria from Malta online, since I am starting 
a web posting about the new Maltese Sign Language is 
not finished yet...but I will write to you, Maria, privately, to make 
sure you are happy with the posting before I announce it...and Karl 
Borg too...

And...I just started a PDF Library on our web site...It only has a few 
documents from Brazil at the moment...You can access it on this web 

Take a look at the first pdf document on that web is a 
charming newsletter from Brazil with cartoons, and they have written 
LIBRAS (Brazilian Sign Language) in SignWriting near the cartoons...the 
PDF document gives you all six pages, but here is a GIF of the first 
page (attached)...Isn't it cute?  Val ;-)

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