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July 7, 2003

Dear SW List, and Tini:
I have started a new directory on our web site for PDF documents. Go to:

SignWriting PDF Library

Then click on document 5. That will download a PDF document called 
"Writing by Hand", which shows some of the pen pal letters from the 
1980s... The pen pal I mention below is represented in that 
document...the one with the stick figures....Val ;-)


> Valerie wrote:
>  One Deaf woman from New York City, wrote us volumes and volumes of 
> SignWriting...sometimes ten pages at a time..all by hand with full 
> stick-figures, because that was the way we wrote back then...I still 
> have her writing if you are interested, I could scan them and post 
> them...

Tini Pel wrote: Yes Valerie I would be very interested to see them...

> Valerie:
> ...Tini, do you have some pen pals ready and willing?

Tini Pel wrote:
Yes we do for a long time. Eversince the 9-11. This is how  later the 
stories came about, mainly for the sake of practicing writing and 
reading. But now we have to wait until September when we get together 
again It will be just great!!!! I hope it will materialize. A very good 
practice for everyone!!!! It also shows how important Sign Writing is; 
COMMUNICATING!! Thanks Valerie, Tini.
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