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Mon Jul 7 23:07:26 UTC 2003

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July 7, 2003

On Monday, July 7, 2003, at 10:04 AM, David Tipton wrote:
> Also, if I decide to do this how should I proceed. I have downloaded
> the newest version (JAVA), but I am still trying to learn the system.
> I also have the book talking about the different shapes and movements.
> But I still have not been able to create anything significant in sign
> writing (electronically). Are there any groups in the Central or
> Southern Ohio area that is using Sign Writing? By the way, I am
> currently taking sign language classes at home. My wife and I have a
> private instructor that is deaf and blind. She "reads" our sign
> language tactilely. It is really neat.

Wow. A Deaf-Blind teacher. That is wonderful...

Regarding Ohio, I am sure there are individuals who have downloaded
software etc, just like you...but I do not know of any specific group.
Cecilia Flood and her team of teachers are available to teach seminars,
if you know of a school in Ohio that would like a workshop on
SignWriting, but their travel would probably have to be paid...You can
write to her about that when she returns...

As far as typing would be best to download SignWriter
DOS, since that is a finished program that is used all over the world.
SignWriter Java is not a finished computer does good
conversion of DOS files to better looking graphics, but programmers are
going to be helping us fix it a little in the future...which is why I
need to get back to writing a report for the programmers -

And you can download SignBank...Have you done that? I will send
information to the list about downloading software next -

Good luck with your project, David!

Val ;-)

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