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July 8, 2003

On Tuesday, July 8, 2003, at 03:45 AM, Ingvild Roald wrote:
> Another,  quite different library science question comes to mind: As
> the
> signed languages becomes written languages, how would you go about
> catalouging and indexing them? The symbol sequence exists, but at least
> our Norwegian University LIbarary system know nothing about it, and it
> would presumably be difficult to get the a program to sort. On the
> other
> hand, dedicating a Dewey system number sequence, either in each
> country's
> language number sequence or as a whole new set of sequences (but still
> as
> langugaes, mind you), could be feasible. - At the moment, I am revising
> the Norwegian 'Lessons in Sign Writing', whis has as it primary name
> the
> sign for 'SignWriting' in NSL. The National Library system refuses that
> name, and they insist on the Norwegian translation. I don't know if you
> see any solution to this problem, which will be a pressing one in a few
> years, I'm sure.

Thank you, Ingvild, for this interesting idea. Actually, you are
describing a series of numbers that would represent each symbol in
SignWriting...and that is exactly what SymbolBank is...all we did was
attach a series of numbers to each symbol...and with those numbers we
are successfully sorting large dictionaries by
you can see in the attached technically, your library could
categorize all of the SignWriting books inside a specialized SignBank
database. Library users could access the SignBank-Library database for
all SignWriting - Sign Language materials on a computer in the
library...How would we create this database? Start an empty SignBank
file. Enter whole titles at one time in SignWriting (in the SignBank
Editor program).... then establish the look-up sequence in SignBank
Editor, just as we do now for individual signs...Val ;-)

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