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July 9, 2003

SW-Edit 4
See attached GIF. The SW-Edit program provides a Dictionary feature.
You can save your signs in the dictionary, retrieve them, and paste the
signs into documents. You can drag and drop, or copy, signs from
SignBank into SW-Edit, and we hope vice versa too...

The files that are saved from the SW-Edit program are in SWML. They
actually end with a new .SWML extension. And Todd Duell and Antonio
Carlos are working out a process, so that signs from SW-Edit can be
quickly and efficiently entered into SignBank...

SW-Edit will be able to read and convert SignWriter DOS and Java files,
creating SWML files, and in turn creating a bridge into SignBank. And
if SignWriter Java can also save a file to SWML, we will have two
computer programs that can work well with SignBank.

SW-Edit will be for Windows and Macintosh. But it is not ready yet, and
it may take at least a year...Meanwhile I am working more on
SymbolBank, to provide both the Java and SW-Edit programs better
symbols etc...So this is a team effort  -

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