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I just looked over the Brazilian Dictionary Web site and it absolutely beautiful and divided by topic.  I'm going to try to download it and rearrange it alphabetically (SSS) as this was a project I was working on while I was in Brazil.

Meanwhile, in looking over all the words, "Titulo de eleitor" didn't make sense to me.  The sign looks like it's being made with two right hands.  The lower one should be flipped the other way if the upper one is supposed to be descending into it (as the "between" character would indicate".

When I was working in Brazil, that was an interesting point in my editing, it was usually the "C" handshape, and the "square angle" hand were sometimes turned around, showing the right hand for both the left and right hand.  It was a minor typo, but it was a consistent one, which I think is a significant minor point in day-to-day patterns.


Valerie Sutton <sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG> wrote:
SignWriting List
July 10, 2003

Hello Everyone, and Tini...
Yes, Nicole is very beautiful, you are right about that! I do not
believe Nicole is on the SignWriting List, since her photo came from a
group of photos on Antonio Carlos' web site. You might enjoy visiting
his site with soooo many nice documents in SignWriting, plus the photos
of a classroom of Deaf children who are learning SignWriting in Brazil:

Brazilian Web Site with SignWriting documents and photos

Nicole most likely speaks Portuguese and LIBRAS (Brazilian Sign
Language) if you want to write to her, I would suggest writing in
ASL in SignWriting with English glosses...that at least would give her
something to study and muse over, even if she doesn't fully understand
what you said...or you could put your English glosses through a
translation system on the web to receive Portuguese glosses for her...

Thank you, Antonio Carlos, for the lovely web site with all the
documents! They are quite amazing and I really loved all the photos of
the Deaf children!

Val ;-)


On Thursday, July 10, 2003, at 05:10 AM, Tini Pel wrote:

> To Nicole in Brazil,
> Valerie send us your picture Nicole, what a beautiful photo!!!!
> Did you do all the writing on the board?
> Thank you so much. Can you send us some more?
> bye for now,
> Tini in Canada.

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