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July 13, 2003

Dear SW List  -
Thanks for this question, Stuart...Both are correc. Both have been used
and both are readable. When writing by hand, I use either one,
depending on which feels comfortable for the particular position I am
trying to write...and I never considered them different symbols, but
simply variations of each other, before we had to develop computer
programs -

So the problem is only a computer one...of course I can add more and
more variations of all of these handshapes...that is the very reason
why I am doing SymbolBank....to try to document all these
requests...but then we have another dilemma, which Antonio Carlos
brought up, while visiting here...which is that we have too many
handshapes! So I pointed out that I had always assumed that sooner or
later people would start choosing simpler symbol-sets, by reviewing all
the handshapes in SymbolBank and creating a new list of just the
handshapes they need for one signed language...

You could construct what you want, by choosing the L hand and then
adding the thumb where you want it ;-)

Val ;-)


On Sunday, July 13, 2003, at 02:58 PM, Stuart Thiessen wrote:
> I was getting ready to type a variant of the ASL sign "to watch" which
> is signed like you are holding a remote control toward a TV
> (essentially) a hooked ASL "L".  I went to type it but it looks like
> there isn't a hooked ASL "L". If I am reading the first symbol right,
> the only bent index, straight thumb built-in has the thumb and index
> finger pointing in the same direction.  I am looking for a regular "L"
> handshape with the index finger bent.
> The attached graphic illustrates the two handshapes as I understand
> them.  Am I correct or have I misread? Thanks, Stuart

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