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With a sign like "Gato" in Libras, the thumb is sticking straight out on both hands.  With palms toward the face, the only choice is a circle if it is not to be confused with "5" hands.  I wish there were a better way, but there are only so many "logical" choices.  I guess we need the Parkhursts on line here with their hand drawings for all of us to look at and say "okay, with this hand, what are our choices, what has been Valerie's logic on this one, so that we are all working off the same page, as it were, when faced with a drawing that looks nothing like the hand drawing connected with it."

Charles Butler <chazzer3332000 at YAHOO.COM> wrote:
I much prefer this illustration for "thumb projecting forward" as a thumb line on the "palm" side rather than an almost invisible "circle".  It's much easier to write, and makes sense.


Valerie Sutton <sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG> wrote:
SignWriting List
July 14, 2003

Researching Symbols continued...

If you look in the Spanish textbook, the 16th PDF file, which you can
download from our web site...


you will see some wonderful hand charts. Here are illustrations by
Steve Parkhurst, of the thumb projecting forward:

> ATTACHMENT part 2 image/gif x-mac-creator=3842494D; x-unix-mode=0644; x-mac-type=47494666; name=Symbols-6.gif

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