a new computer for Charles...;-)

Daniel Noelpp d.noelpp at GMX.CH
Wed Jul 16 12:18:49 UTC 2003

Be careful with the Dell Laptop, Charles: SignWriter DOS doesn't work
Windows 2000 and XP and Dells delivers with Windows XP only!

Windows 2000 and XP doesn't have a real DOS anymore and SignWriter just
stays black if you start it. This was a big problem for me till I bought an old
Apple Max G3 with Mac OS X and Virtual PC.

You need one of these things (one is enough)

-Windows 95/98/ME
-Windows 2000/XP and Virtual PC
-Mac OS 9/X and Virtual PC


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Jetzt ein- oder umsteigen und USB-Speicheruhr als Pr Ê> ie sichern!

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