a new computer for Charles...;-)

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Thu Jul 17 03:05:47 UTC 2003

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July 16, 2003

Hi Everyone -
I have another idea...What about keeping your old computer, Charles, 
and continue to use it for creating SignWriter DOS dictionary files. 
And perhaps you can even use SignWriter Java on that old machine.

Then...get a new computer, with Windows XP or another Windows version. 
Install FileMaker, SignBank and SignWriter Java on the newer 
machine...So if you can keep your old computer, along with getting a 
newer one, you can have the best of both worlds -

The only issue is transferring your files from one computer to the 
other, and if you have a zip drive, or if your older computer can burn 
CDs that should not be a problem...

Val ;-)


On Wednesday, July 16, 2003, at 05:12 PM, Stuart Thiessen wrote:

> Or a version of Linux/BSD with an X version of DOS.  I tried it on 
> SuSE Linux and it worked.  I have a dual boot Win98 and Linux system.  
> I'm sure something like that could work for WinXP or Win2000 so you 
> can have a Linux or BSD partition you use for DOS.  Or even use an old 
> DOS and make a DOS partition that you can boot into.  Those will work 
> without having to buy Virtual PC.
> Just a thought.
> Stuart
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>> Be careful with the Dell Laptop, Charles: SignWriter DOS doesn't work
>> Windows 2000 and XP and Dells delivers with Windows XP only!
>> Windows 2000 and XP doesn't have a real DOS anymore and
>> SignWriter just
>> stays black if you start it. This was a big problem for me
>> till I bought an old
>> Apple Max G3 with Mac OS X and Virtual PC.
>> You need one of these things (one is enough)
>> -Windows 95/98/ME
>> -Windows 2000/XP and Virtual PC
>> -Mac OS 9/X and Virtual PC
>> Daniel
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