ASL Sign: Pass-It-On...

Ingvild Roald ingvild.roald at STATPED.NO
Mon Jul 28 10:29:59 UTC 2003

Number 5 is a beautiful one, simple and neat. And as far as I can see, it
is fully possible to write using SW DOS with the use of the little pieces
(under my +-key, but it may be somewhere else with other keyboards)


>ASL Sign: Pass-It-On...continued...
>Look at the attached GIF...
>1. ASL sign for LATER...Single rotation forward, no traveling
>2. ASL sign for GRANDMOTHER...there is no rotation...the movement
>travels forward, making two humps up-and-over...
>3. Movement like GRANDMOTHER, but because the finishing position shows
>a different palm facing, there appears to be a rotation in the
>movement, as it travels...Although this doesn't give detailed
>information, there are some writers who find this enough information
>and they assume two rotations, when they see a change of palm facing at
>the end...
>4. This is an accurate two rotations traveling forward....this is the
>way we used to write in the late 1970's...lots of arrows, but the
>information is there...
>5. I like number 5 the best. One symbol shows the rotation each time,
>and because the two arrows are conjoined, we know it is
>traveling...Problem is...that symbol is not in SignWriter DOS or Java
>right it needs to be added to SymbolBank and then added to
>other programs...
>All of these signs may not be what Stuart wanted anyway! I believe
>Stuart wanted some rotations to go back as well as
>Stuart...give me some feedback and lets take it from there... Val ;-)

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