ASL Sign: Pass-It-On...

Stuart Thiessen smt_sw at EARTHLINK.NET
Mon Jul 28 16:52:33 UTC 2003

I like number 5 as well. It is simple and to the point. SMILE.  Thanks!


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July 27, 2003

ASL Sign: Pass-It-On...continued...

Look at the attached GIF...

1. ASL sign for LATER...Single rotation forward, no traveling
2. ASL sign for GRANDMOTHER...there is no rotation...the movement
travels forward, making two humps up-and-over...
3. Movement like GRANDMOTHER, but because the finishing position shows
a different palm facing, there appears to be a rotation in the
movement, as it travels...Although this doesn't give detailed
information, there are some writers who find this enough information
and they assume two rotations, when they see a change of palm facing at
the end...
4. This is an accurate two rotations traveling forward....this is the
way we used to write in the late 1970's...lots of arrows, but the
information is there...
5. I like number 5 the best. One symbol shows the rotation each time,
and because the two arrows are conjoined, we know it is
traveling...Problem is...that symbol is not in SignWriter DOS or Java
right it needs to be added to SymbolBank and then added to
other programs...

All of these signs may not be what Stuart wanted anyway! I believe
Stuart wanted some rotations to go back as well as
Stuart...give me some feedback and lets take it from there... Val ;-)

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