CD Series 2002 - meaning of ASL phrase

Bill Reese wreese01 at TAMPABAY.RR.COM
Tue Jul 29 12:47:37 UTC 2003


Buster says "hi" but it looks very much like "take me for a walk." :-)

Thank you for your kind words about the CD's.  Of course, Valerie made
the literature for them, worked with the printer on the copying and
packaging, and distributed them.  I was in awe when she gave me my copies.

I have no idea what that phrase means.  Your guess on "CD" looks right.
I have never seen that sign myself. As to the first sign, all I can
think of is "real", "true", or "tell."  None of those makes sense with
the rest.

Does anyone else know?  Charles?


Stefan Woehrmann wrote:

>Dear Bill,
>this morning I spent some time to browse through the wonderful CD Series ---
>thanks again for your great job.
>It is great to be able to check the lessons, forums, email-contacts - being
>offline !
>I copied this ASL  phrase and would like to ask you for the meaning - I can
>read- perform the signs without any difficulty but do not know the meaning
>of the first and last (perhaps  CD ?? )  sign.
>Can you please post the translation ?
>Have a great day
>Greetings to Buster ... ;-))
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