More HELP needed - opening format SW Java

Ingvild Roald ingvild.roald at STATPED.NO
Tue Jul 29 13:08:08 UTC 2003

Thanks for your suggestion, but even if I can see the file extension, I
cannot remove it.

And I've tried to set the opening of the .sgn files to automatically open
in SignWriter.jar, but this is  not recognized as a program ..


>Try renaming and removing the first ".sgn", so that the hidden ".sgn"
>remains and the file is named properly.
>Alternatively, you can change your Windows Explorer so that you can see
>the extensions and work with them.  I am using Windows 98SE.  I don't
>know what version of Windows you are using but it may be the same or
>In Windows Explorer, Choose "View" from the menu, then "Folder Options".
>Select the "View" tab.
>In the box in the view tab look for "Hide file extensions for known file
>Deselect that option.
>Click OK
>Ingvild Roald wrote:
>>Hi everyone,
>>Ingvild again:
>>I cannot open my SW DOS .sgn files in SW JAva because they get an extra
>>..sgn attached:  du.sgn becomes after copying from old computer
>>to new SW Java catalogue. This does not show on file list, which means I
>>cannot just change the names by removing the .sgn.
>>HELP me please,

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