AW: More HELP needed - opening format SW Java

Stefan Woehrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Tue Jul 29 14:18:36 UTC 2003

Hi Ingvild,

thanks for sharing your problems with Sign Writer Java,

I would suggest the following:

Just close all programs, open the Explorer look for your SignWriter 5.0
folder select one .sgn file you would like to open with Sign Writer 5.0
click on it with the right mouse button -  the pull down menu offers :
rename just type a complete new name with dot and sgn in the end. (no
capital letters)

Now start the SW 50 program -

No go to file and open and select that file that you renamed before with no
capital letters!!

The other problem is the following.

As far as I know we are lucky to get wonderful pollished SW symbols but now
what ?  For the purpose of capturing screenshots for presenting the gifs on
internetsites or emailattachments - this is fine -   but as far as I
understand the options for now - there seems to be no way to make a high
quality printout from these under these circumstances.

So you should ask the Swiss Team - did they get their graphics directly from
the Mac Sw5.0 version -

I guess so!  But I am not sure -

So what I understand for now - we should be happy to be able to create
wonderful gifs for screen-presentation but have to go through other
procedures in order to get materials for publishing in printed media

Good luck to you

Stefan ;-))

Do not feel sad. ;-) see attached gif

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Betreff: Re: More HELP needed - opening format SW Java

Thanks for your suggestion, but even if I can see the file extension, I
cannot remove it.

And I've tried to set the opening of the .sgn files to automatically open
in SignWriter.jar, but this is  not recognized as a program ..


>Try renaming and removing the first ".sgn", so that the hidden ".sgn"
>remains and the file is named properly.
>Alternatively, you can change your Windows Explorer so that you can see
>the extensions and work with them.  I am using Windows 98SE.  I don't
>know what version of Windows you are using but it may be the same or
>In Windows Explorer, Choose "View" from the menu, then "Folder Options".
>Select the "View" tab.
>In the box in the view tab look for "Hide file extensions for known file
>Deselect that option.
>Click OK
>Ingvild Roald wrote:
>>Hi everyone,
>>Ingvild again:
>>I cannot open my SW DOS .sgn files in SW JAva because they get an extra
>>..sgn attached:  du.sgn becomes after copying from old computer
>>to new SW Java catalogue. This does not show on file list, which means I
>>cannot just change the names by removing the .sgn.
>>HELP me please,
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