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Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Tue Jul 29 16:00:06 UTC 2003

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July 29, 2003

Bill Reese wrote:
> Thank you for your kind words about the CD's.  Of course, Valerie made 
> the literature for them, worked with the printer on the copying and 
> packaging, and distributed them.  I was in awe when she gave me my 
> copies.

Ahhh...You give me too much credit, Bill! Without you, the "SignWriting 
Web Sites 2002 CD Series" wouldn't even exist....!!

Read about Bill's CDs:

SignWriting Web Sites 2002 CD Series

I agree with Stefan... it is terrific to be able to work on the 
internet...without being connected to the internet!

And just so you know...I have donated your CD Series to several 
SignWriting groups in third-world countries, who do not always have a 
chance to connect to the internet, because they have no connection at 
all...but they do have a computer with a CD tray! I gave a copy to 
James Kegl, for the Nicaraguan students, and a copy to Hector in 
Colombia, and a copy to Jose in Peru...People in the US are sooo 
spoiled...we assume everyone has an internet connection...but that is 
not true in other countries...So your hard work, Bill, has blessed 
people around the world...

Val ;-)

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