ASL Sign: Pass-It-On...

Stuart Thiessen smt_sw at EARTHLINK.NET
Wed Jul 30 16:26:30 UTC 2003

Yes, I was looking at that last night trying to do it in SW Java (like you
said, a new symbol would be helpful SMILE).  I like how you did it. In my
first attempt, I was keeping the first movement, but it probably is
understood without it. One question.  Should there be a simultaneous
movement mark under the hand movements to show that they move out at the
same time?



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> July 30, 2003
> Stuart Thiessen wrote:
> > I like number 5 as well. It is simple and to the point.
> SMILE.  Thanks!
> Actually, Stuart, there is still the issue of applying those
> symbols to
> the name of your Deaf organization, named "Pass-It-On
> Services"... Take
> a look at my attached GIF... Since your Deaf friends know
> ASL, and this
> writing is for "everyday use" and not for research, I have taken away
> the palm facing information with extra handshapes, placing
> the movement
> symbols to each side of the body...I believe that Deaf people who know
> that sign, will be able to read the sign just fine, and this
> looks less
> complicated for the name of your organization. Do you agree?

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