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SignWriting List
November 1, 2003

On Nov 1, 2003, Ingvild Roald asked about....
> 1) The new and improved version of SignBank with the lingusitcs fields
> 2) The DOS-Box-program or address for where to get it (people are
> begging to
> want to write and use this stuff now ...)

Dear SW List, and Ingvild!
Thanks for these questions. Sorry for my silence. Things are better in
San Diego again, and I am too!

1. SIGNBANK with the new linguistic fields (including three new layouts
at the end of the SignBank Editor), is available for download on the
web. It was posted October 1st or later...So you can download it right

Download SignBank

Plus...I am planning to add an explanation as to how to use the new
linguistic fields, in the SignBank manual, but I have not written those
pages yet...I am planning to send you a CD with those new explanations,
Ingvild. But that might not happen until mid-November, soooo if you are
in a rush, you could download from the web and start working with it,
without the new manual...

2. DOSBOX information can be found in our SignWriting List Archives. Go

SW List Archive 3

Then click on "Search Archives" and then type in "DOSBOX" and press the
Search button - You will find around 26 messages with lots of
information...I just did that, and this is the url I found:


Hope this helps!

Val ;-)
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