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Nana Dumitra nana.dumitra at SCHLOSSKLAUS.AT
Sun Nov 2 10:19:21 UTC 2003

Dear SW List,

When printing SW from DOS I have a problem using print format 3 (all the
other formats work beautifully, but our deaf people here would prefer format
3): When printing with format 3, there are two pages printed side by side,
BUT on my pages only the first page comes out in SW and the second page is
funny characters. I tried to change the interface because I thought that
might be wrong, but that was not the problem.

My question: Can you tell me what to do so that I can use format 3? Or is
there a way to tell the computer to first print just one page and then print
again just the second page?

I am not very computer literate so please keep your explanations simple
:-) - Thanks!

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