Irish Sign Language (ISL) Handshapes, Group 1

Suzanne Becker suzanneb714 at COMCAST.NET
Tue Nov 11 18:26:09 UTC 2003

Hello Val,
I haven't been in contact with you since I inquired about Sign Writing
but I have enjoyed reading all the group communications in that regard.
I have spent a great amount of time at the web site reading, and
reading, and reading...this information, as well as, much of what I have
been learning in my Deaf studies class, has given me a specific
direction as far as what  my career goals are.
My presentation on Sign Writing is in 2 weeks, maybe sooner, it might be
video taped, so if your interested...?

Ciao For Now...
           Suzanne M. Becker

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SignWriting List
November 11, 2003

Dear SW List Members:
Today I am working on editing a book on Irish Sign Language (ISL),
written by Patrick Matthews. The book uses SignWriting, plus life-like
illustrations, to show sign-sentences. In the back, Patrick included a
listing of the basic handshapes of ISL, and some of the handshapes are
easy to write by hand, but do not exist (at the moment) in any of our
computer programs. But they will! I will be adding them to the SSS-2004.
Take a look at the attached diagram of ISL Group 1...The third symbol is
a new one, and will be added to the SSS-2004....

By the way, these symbols are written from the Receptive View, because
Patrick wanted the diagrams to fit with the illustrations, which are
also Receptive. No palm facing information was added in these particular
diagrams. But of course, the ISL sentences in the rest of the book are
written from the Expressive View, and all palm facing information is
included...Val ;-)

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