Write ASL? Research

Adam Frost seniorafrost at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Nov 11 19:33:29 UTC 2003

I am doing a research project on the general feel of the Deaf Community on
ASL being written. Because of the nature of the research, I need as many
people that can to reply with thier answers ASAP. Only those who are Deaf
can participate. (If I sent this to you and you are hearing, it is because I
want you to send this to other Deafs that you know. :-) No offence
intended.) If you know of someone who is Deaf please give them a copy of
this to them and have them send it to me. Thanks.

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1.  Should ASL have a written from? Explain. (If answer no, skip to #6.)

2.  Which of the following do you think is important in a written form of
ASL? Circle or underline all that apply.
     A.  Simple to read.
     B.  Simple to write
     C.  Useable with technology (i.e. computers, Internet, etc.)
     D.  Can show expressions.
     E.  Have connection with English words.
     F.  Have no connection with English words.
     G.  Can show alterations of standard signs.
     H.  Easy for publication.
          Anything else?

3.   If a written form had all of he above, would you use it? If no,

4.   Would whether or not other Deaf use it affect whether or not you use

5.   What would you use it for in education, work, and private everyday use?

6.   Have you seen any written form for ASL? If yes, which one? Do you use
it? If no, explain.

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