AW: How to add pictures in SignBank?

Stefan Woehrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Wed Nov 12 17:13:43 UTC 2003

Hi Valerie,

I felt so happy to read this message and I am looking forward to follow your
"step by step " instruction -

I have installed all the programs I need for creating the gifs. In fact
there are already some gifs in my file waiting to get copied elsewhere.
I have installed FileMaker and the SignBank for everyday use -  - there is
only a folder for US - So as soon as you will describe how to get started
with creating the folders that are needed I would like to participate in
your "SignBank course number 23???  Excuse me for asking basics that you
already tried to explain several times! I know !!!!

Perhaps this email back - and  forth exchange can lead to a different step
to step teaching that may encourage others as well to get started? I know
that you are perfect in creating leaflets and teaching materials that are
supported by gifs and graphics ... Crossed fingers that I will be able to

PS - and thank you Adam for your contribution!!

in order to get more people

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SignWriting List
November 11, 2003

Adam Frost wrote:
> I have some sign that I want to store in my SignBank. But I can'tadd
> the
> sign in the sign box because I don't have any GIF or JPED files. How
> do I
> creat thoes files so I can put it in my SignBank?

Hello Everyone and Adam!
I will be happy to walk you through the process, step by step...

1. First, you need SignWriter DOS and/or SignWriter Java installed on
your computer. Have you downloaded those programs, Adam? Go to:

SignWriting Downloads

Once you have downloaded one or both SignWriters, write again to the
SignWriting List, and we will start step 2 together!

Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
Sutton at

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