Index, Ring and Baby Fingers....

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Thu Nov 13 15:50:51 UTC 2003

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November 13, 2003

Stefan Woehrmann wrote:
> handshape index up - other fingers and thumb forward always looks
> somehow
> strange to me  - why because in other cases with the square as basic
> shape
> or the circle - the right index is written as a line on the "right"
> side -
> but now you transplate it to the other side -- you will have your
> reasons
> but it is somehow visually not so easy -- at least from my point of
> view ...
> I like the lifelike drawings which are definitely a good support to
> identify
> the meaning of SW - handshape - symbols

Dear SW List and Stefan -
Thanks for this question. Please see the attached diagram. It shows how
the symbols were developed, from the side view. The symbols are
Expressive and the illustrations are Receptive. The index finger is
consistently on the back side of the square or rectangle base...When
the ring finger and baby finger stick up, as in the bottom middle and
right diagrams....then the ring finger and the baby finger are on the
front side of the rectangle base...

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