Tini Pel's Honor of our poem - Silence

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Fri Nov 14 00:06:59 UTC 2003

SignWriting List
November 13, 2003

Dear SW List, and Tini and Denny!
Thank you for telling us about your beautiful posting, Denny...I hope
everyone will visit this new web page:

> http://www.faeriekeeper.net/poetry3a2.htm

There you will be able to read Tini Pel's SignWriting-ASL version of
Denny's poetry, PLUS if you scroll down, you will find a lovely message
from Tini about her life and how we met in Copenhagen...using

And thank you, Denny, for your description of SignWriting, and of
Antonio Carlos' work with SWML too!

Val ;-)


Denny Lancaster wrote:
> Tini Pel has taken our wee poem Silence and written it in SignWriting
> which we appreciate very much.  A wee bit about Tini and SignWriting
> is also included at this URL:  Tini requested that it have a white
> background which we were happy to do.  The poem is in six panels in a
> gif format with a transparent background for ease in copy, if you
> wish.
> http://www.faeriekeeper.net/poetry3a2.htm
> Your friend,
> Denny Lancaster

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