PNG vs GIF....Formatting issues for databases ;-)

Bart Braem bart.braem at UA.AC.BE
Sun Nov 30 18:23:16 UTC 2003

> Unfortunately, no matter what I do, PNGs are always larger on my
> computer...A programmer was kind enough to send me information on a web
> page, where I could download a PNG PlugIn for I did
> that. You might want to download it, since it is free:
> But even saving at the smallest choice, when using SuperPNG in
> Photoshop, my GIFs are still smaller than PNG...Take a look at the
> attached GIF (smile), in which I captured the information on the exact
> same sign..the sign for ABBREVIATE was saved as a GIF and a
> can see that the GIF is  4 KB, while the PNG is 44 KB....
You might want to try saving your file first as a GIF, then as a PNG file.
Maybe some filter isn't propery set. Just guessing here...
Anyway I think using PNG is great, as we Europeans still have a patent for
some years. We use PNG in our system, and the results are really good.
Attached you can see an example.

Bart Braem
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