PNG vs GIF....Formatting issues for databases ;-)

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Sun Nov 30 20:55:37 UTC 2003

SignWriting List
November 30, 2003

Dan Parvaz wrote:
> I have the 1999 GIFs all converted to PNGs (using some UNIX shell tool
> or
> another -- I forget). They're smaller, and they work like a charm. If
> you
> want Val, I can get those to you.

Dear SW List, Bart, Steve and Dan!
Ha! Thanks, Dan. And you prepared the PNGs in the Unix shell on Mac OS
X? Can you send me exact instructions on how you did it? I would like
to learn how to use the Unix terminal on the Mac anyway...and I have
never done that...

Thank you for your kind offer of the PNGs for sss1999. Yes, of course I
would love them. I know that the Belgian team, and the Swiss team, have
also been working on the symbols...The real problem is that I have a
huge new database to prepare...the sss2004 and I was planning to start
on that tomorrow and work on it solidly for several months...I will be
adding thousands of new symbol-pieces...and I have been using GIFs, as
you know, in the past. So if I want to use PNG for the new symbols, I
will have to learn the problems...

Antonio Carlos - Can SW-Edit accept the .PNG format?...

Guess what? I think Photoshop had sophisticated versions of PNG, built
in, that are just as good as the PlugIn SuperPNG...the reason I am
having this problem is that in Photoshop there are around 40 different
combinations of compressions I can use for PNG, and I now realize that
I have to experiment with the choices until I get it to work as you
guys would want - so it is not Photoshop's fault, but instead so many
choices, that I did not realize what was available to me...

Val ;-)

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