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Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Sun Aug 1 15:11:22 UTC 2004

SignWriting List
August 1, 2004

Charles Butler wrote:
> When Microsoft Paint adopts PNG as a saveable format,
> I'll have it, until then, I won't.  I am on machines
> that are Microsoft Windows clones, and I use paint as
> a drawing program that enables me to stipple fine
> points pixel by pixel.  My Microsoft can save as .jpg
> or .bmp, that's all.  I can download .gifs and read
> them on my screen.  I can't manipulate or change the
> graphics of a .gif, but if the pudl site creates them,
> I can save them, clip them into a file and print them.
> Will .png be as easily useable, and ubiquitous to
> those of us who are on systems that CANNOT be upgraded
> by our usage (like library systems?)


SW List, and Charles -
When we made the move from PUDL to DeafVision's server, the DeafVision
server did not support the GIF format fully, but they did support
PNG...Why? Because GIF had a patent-copyright restriction in the past,
and although that has been lifted in the US recently, DeafVision had
not updated their server for fear of bugs in the new GIF support...It
is a complicated story. GIFs are used in the new SignPuddle in some
areas, but in other features, but I believe the uploaded signs have to
be in PNG. However, Stephen and I are planning to write grants together
to try to collect funds to pay for improving this later, including the
dream of creating a program that will be able to convert SignWriter
files to GIF and PNG automatically...So we are in agreement with you
Charles, and with everyone, that this issue is very frustrating!

And by the way, want to know something very frustrating? Microsoft
Paint has adopted PNG in Europe. It appears that it is only the US
version of Microsoft Paint that replaced the PNG feature with GIF...and
that is because of copyright issues...GIF was developed and owned by
CompuServe, and they restricted its use in the past...the US was
allowed to use it sooner than Europe, so PNG took over in other parts
of the world...smile...and since we have an international list, PNG is
easier for many of our List members...

Regarding your library's computers, I can't answer that specifically
but I believe that we will be able to solve this issue...let's take one
step at a time. First.... Can you access the Brazilian SignPuddle on
SignBank.org? smile...I am very proud and happy to have SignPuddle on

Val ;-)

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