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Stuart Thiessen sw at PASSITONSERVICES.ORG
Mon Aug 2 14:23:46 UTC 2004

It is the nature of how the email is being sent.  Basically, the email
is sending a webpage to your email client and saying display these
images located on this remote site.  The only way that you can get
around that (for this particular solution) is one of the following options:

1) Go back to sending the full graphic image of each sign (which will
mean a much longer download for each email)

2) Everyone downloads a copy of all the graphics and installs them in
the exact same place on everyone's computer and the links are made to
that specific place.

I think 2 is more ideal but less likely to be successful because some
people put things on one hard drive or the other.  And that doesn't take
into consideration different operating systems.

The only reasonable solution to this is when we finally get SW in
Unicode.  Then everyone will have a font of SW and that will be in a
standard place.  The email client would then be able to use the SW font
to build the email. That's what we want to look toward.  That is why for
me graphics is only a temporary solution until we can get the Unicode
font work in place.

So for now, it looks like SW email will require us to be online to read it.



Stefan Woehrmann wrote:
> Hi Val and list members,
> I can read and understand ;-))  your sw-email - but as soon as I get
> offline there are only red squares with the words .. ;-((
> I am working with Microsoft - Outlook 2000
> Has anybody got an idea how to solve this problem?
> Stefan ;-))
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