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Mon Aug 2 20:01:51 UTC 2004

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August 2, 2004

Stefan Woehrmann wrote:
> I can read and understand ;-))  your sw-email - but as soon as I get 
> offline there are only red squares with the words .. ;-((
> I am working with Microsoft - Outlook 2000
> Has anybody got an idea how to solve this problem?

Dear SW List, Stefan, Charles, Adam...Everyone!
There are some solutions to the problem right now...When you go to:


Create your email, and then instead of pushing the Send Button, push 
the Preview Button. Take a screen capture of the message, prepare a GIF 
or JPEG or PNG, and send it as an attached file to the List.

That is slower to prepare, but it means the SignWriting message can be 
read offline...and will be permanent.

I did this attached message like that...I bet you can read it offline, 

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